A Party Planning Checklist

Throwing a grand formal party or a casual gettogether, planning it ahead will help you enjoy it better as well as your guests. Organising your party following a checklist will double the celebrations. Here is a handy party planning checklist that you can adjust as it suits you!

Before the Party:

  • Check your budget

Create your budget list to estimate all the expenses.

  • A guest list

List down all the individuals you want to be a part of your celebrations.

  • Your party location

Decide a location that fits in your budget and can fit all your guests. Be it your home, a neighbour’s lawn or a friend’s place.

  • Any theme you want to implement?

Planning for a themed party? Arrange the decors accordingly t o fit the theme.

  • Menu (starters, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, beverages)

What are you planning to entertain your guests with? Pile up the recipes, make arrangements as which things you need to prepare beforehand. Any things required to freeze or bake, any other pre-cooking preparations required. Make a list of all the items you need to buy and start your arrangements.

  • Shop the grocery

Take time out for shopping the groceries and other things off the list you just made.

  • Plan any assistance required

Consider taking help from a friend, a high school student or a professional to put some weight off your shoulders.

  • Playlist

Music sets the mood for your party and keeps your guests engaged. Arrange a playlist that best suits the theme of your party and mood of your guests.

  • Clean the house

Clean the house thoroughly before the part so your efforts be reduced on the big day. Remove things you don’t want your guests to look. Go through all the laundry, washing and cleaning so that everything is on the place and you can have a quick clean up for the rest of the days before the party.

  • Set the stage

Arrange the furniture around the house as you want it for the party. Make sure there’s room for your guests to move around the place. Examine the lightings around the place and chek if you need any adjustments. You may arrange a dessert corner using your coffee table.

  • Decorate

Decorate the venue with whatever goes with your theme, some funky props, balloons, flowers, candles or whatever you have arranged.

A Day Before:

  • Notify your neighbours

Inform your neighbours regarding the party so they don’t loose their calm due to loud music or any other inconvenience.

  • Make arrangements for parking

You need to make arrangements for proper parking so the guests can enjoy without being worried for their vehicles.

  • Set up the tables

Set up the tables, place the crockery, any decor, some flowers may be. Make it look tidy and welcoming.

  • Order flowers

Order flowers you need to receive your guests or to decorate the venue.

  • Cook/Bake/Prepare Food

Make the last minute cooking and set up the food you’ll be serving your guests.

The Party Day:

  • Chill the beverages

Beverages are best when served chilled.

  • Final touchups

The last minute touch ups you need to make sure everything is okay.

  • Receive your guests

Greet your guests as they start arriving and make them feel home.

From setting up the party menu to being there actively on the party day, you’ll have a lot to do. Keep this checklist around and nothing will be blocking your way ever again to party like you always dreamed.