5 Great Party Activities for Adults

An adult party sounds more like a formal night. To make it fun, plan some activities that your guests will enjoy while keeping the mood of the party light. Possibly, finding new and fun party ideas could be tough especially when you’re already running late for the party. To help you with it, here is a list of 5 great party activities for adults.

  • Wink Wink! Bring out the child in you and go for this mystery game. All you need to do is to select a guest as a detective and send him/her out of the room. Now pick a trapper among the guests. All they have to do is wink at others, to which the guests have to react a little dramatically. The detective has to find out the trapper. The detective will be given two or three chances to guess the trapper. Smart brains and engaging audience, and it will be a big hit.
    But even if your guests aren’t really smart or they don’t want to be like that on a party, this activity is fun. Just pull them all in and make it a huge activity for ultimate fun at an adult party.


  • Slip it in! Want to avoid dull dinner conversations? This game is a sure hit. Spice up the chatter by putting some funny words or phrases on pieces of paper and place them under each guest’s plate. All your guests need to do is read their phrase and slip it in their conversation without letting others know about it. The one with the cleverest use of their phrase in the conversation will be a winner.


  • Mystery Cocktail: Serve your guests with a mystery cocktail and ask them to guess the ingredients. The one who guesses the most ingredients first would be a winner. Be sure to announce some sort of prize for the winner to make this game even more fun. This game is a great chance for your guests to mingle as they will discuss the ingredients with each other.


  • Find Your Match: Write the names of celebrity couples on sticky labels and collect them in a hat. Now shuffle all the labels so the couple labels are not together anymore. Stick the labels to the back of each guest as they arrive. They have to ask yes and no questions from others to know their label. Now the hunt begins for their match in the crowd! The one who finds their match first will be the winner.


  • The Photo Booth: Dedicate a corner at the venue for a photo booth. Make funky props and let your guests have their craziest photos ever. You can make this more fun by simply letting kids participate. They are going to turn this photo both thing into a massive adventure.

These activities will brighten up your party and the guests will have the most fun filled time ever. But don’t limit yourself to these activities as you might have your own cultural party ideas.