Keep the Noise Down! How Loud Can Your Party Be

If you are having a party at your home, it doesn’t mean you’ve to deal with complaints from your neighbors for making noise. But you wonder how could this be possible? After all you are going to have amplified music and noisy guests in one place. How could you expect to keep the noise down?

There are some tips that could help you keep the noise down. Be sure to note them down so that you can look over them every time you plan a party.

  • Talk to neighbors about the party: Be sure to talk to neighbors before the party. Tell them about your party and leave your contact details with them so that they can contact you if they are bothered instead of complaining to the police.

Instead of talking in person, you can also send a letter to your neighbors. Tell them about your party in the letter and ask them to contact you if anything bothers them. You can easily find templates for such letter on the internet. Just amend any of these letters and send it to your neighbors.

  • Move guests indoors: When it is late, consider moving your guests indoors. This will help you bring the noise down compared to partying outdoors late in the night.
  • Mind the direction of your speakers: Don’t point speakers and woofers towards your neighbors. This could amplify the sound in that direction. If possible, keep the music indoors.
  • Turn the bass down and switch off subwoofers: When it gets late, consider turning down the bass. It can help you bring the noise down. If you are using large subwoofers, you might want to switch them off once it is time for others to sleep.
  • Talk to the guests: Make sure you talk to your guests about noise before the party. Tell them to avoid making noise when they leave the party. Your neighbors will be irritated when your guests make noise when leaving the party.

How loud can your party be?

A party can be as loud as you like but you have to think about your neighbors. Look up for laws in your area regarding noise. Your local law might require you to turn down music after 11 PM.

It falls on your shoulders to keep the noise low as a party host. If there is too much noise and your neighbors report it to the police, you might find yourself in trouble.

If someone reports excessive noise to the police, they will investigate the matter. On being reasonably satisfied, the police can inspect the premises and even issue noise abatement direction.

Once the police have issued you a noise abatement direction, you will need to clear the place and stop making the noise. In case you fail to comply and continue making excessive noise, the police may investigate the offense of failing to comply with directions. Remember, on failure to comply with the first noise abatement direction, the police can enter the premises without a warrant. They can also issue an on-the-spot fine or ask you to appear in the court.

In case the police receive further complaints, it can seize your premises and remove the movable property being used to produce the noise.