How to Make Your Pool Party Memorable

Whether you are organizing a pool party at your home or a community pool, you would want everyone to remember the party for many summers to come.  We must emphasize, first and foremost, that you need to make sure that your pool is in good shape: call out the pool cleaner to make sure your pool is clean and pH balanced, and call out a plumber to make sure that the pool’s mechanical systems are in good working order.  We use the best plumber in Trenton, Mercer Plumbers.

You don’t have to invest a huge amount of money in your party to make it memorable. There are small things that can make all the difference. You just have to let your creative juice flow. Read the ideas below and see if you can bring some of them to life in your next pool party.

Be creative with invitations

For a pool party, the excitement starts when you start planning the party. Start by planning invitations. Don’t make it same old boring printed cards but try to do something different this time. Apart from the invitation card, you also need to think plan it properly.

  • Make sure you don’t invite a lot of children at the party. Even if you have to invite children, be sure to invite an adult with every child for close supervision.
  • There is nothing wrong with inviting everyone you know to your party. But you have to manage your guests so understand financial and management limitations when preparing the guest list for your party.

Focus on themed-decorations

If the pool doesn’t look great at the time of the party, people aren’t going to love it. To decorate the pool for the party, follow these simple tips.

  • Choose a theme for the party. Having a theme will make it easy to decorate the pool in a way that everyone remembers it. Don’t choose routine themes but try something exotic this time.
  • A party theme isn’t limited to decorations and clothes but it also means that you choose food and refreshments according to your theme as well. Once you have a theme for your party, everything else will seem simple.

Let there be music

You can’t have a pool party without music. But that doesn’t mean you can play any music on your party. You can purchase pool party music but creating your own playlist is more fun. Pick songs that will make everyone come to the dance floor.

Lights can play a big role

Making a pool party memorable isn’t easy since every party has something new and memorable. But if you can do something with lights, you might bring a different kind of vibe to the party. How about lighting the way with classic lanterns? If that’s not your thing, consider installing ground lighting all around the pool.

Introduce some party games

Party games can make pool parties memorable. You can arrange for pool volleyball or water horse. These games don’t cost a lot but still everyone enjoys them. You can make it more fun by setting a price for the winning team.

Plan how to end the party

Once your guests are tired, they’d want to leave but some of them would want to spend more time. Plan a way to end the party so that everyone is happy and there is time for everyone to ease out before they go home. How about sitting together in a circle and sharing some interesting stories? That will definitely cool things down and let everyone relax before you end the party.





6 Party Ideas for a Fun Party

Whether you are planning to have an adult party, a graduation party, birthday party or a fun party with your family, you might find yourself short of fun ideas. But don’t worry you are not alone. Here is some help for you. Read these fun party ideas below and put your party on fire.  

Play reunion games

When it’s party time, it’s the best time to play some family or friends reunion games. You don’t get a better chance of enjoying warmth of their company and you can have some fun as well. Here are some ideas for reunion games.

Know Your Family: When you play this game, you learn more about your family. The game is played by writing names of family members on pieces of paper and putting them in a hat. After shuffling the hat, everyone picks out a piece of paper and along with it gets a name of a relative. Their task is to investigate and find out something others don’t know about that person. They can interview the person on the party and have some fun. Later on, everyone will sit together and discuss what they found out. I bet there are going to be a lot of facts that would make the entire party really interesting.

Play Likes and Dislikes: This game will help you learn about your family and friends as you’d discover each other’s likes and dislikes. To begin the game, handover pieces of paper to all the people present at the party. Set a time and let everyone write about their likes and dislikes. Then collect the papers from every one and read out loud one by one. Let others guess who the person is supposed to be.

– Play Scavenger Hunt: Be it an outdoor or an indoor party, scavenger hunt is always fun. Engage all your guests in the game and let the hunt begin. Hide some items at different places-be them some leaves, flowers or animals for an outdoor picnic or be them some household articles. Make teams and ask them to either collect the items or have a picture with it.

Create a mystery cocktail: A fun way to make your guests mingle at the party is to arrange a mystery cocktail game. Hand over a mysterious drink to your guests and ask them to guess the ingredients. It would be a great opportunity for the guests to carry on their chatters while discussing the ingredients. To keep it simple, add up some distinct ingredients like mint or lemon.

Set up a theme for the party: Whenever you want to make your boring parties more of a fun, you need to theme them. The best way to theme a party is to ask everyone what they find out most bizarre and that be your party theme idea. Once you have a party idea, you just let everyone be a part of it. It would be great fun.

Catch a prop and have a fun picture: Taking pictures with your friends and family is a must at the parties. Spice up the fun by adding a props corner to your party. Arrange some weird or funky props and let your guests entertain themselves by having their most funky pictures. The prop corner will surely take over everything else in the party.

Passing the pillow game: Plan some fun activities you want your guests to get involved and write them down on the pieces of paper. Select a person who will be in charge of setting the music on and off for setting a pillow passing duration. Gather your guests in a circle and start passing the pillow. Enjoy how your guests perform the tasks assigned to them.

Slip it in: Write a word or a phrase on the pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Give one piece of paper to your every guest and ask them to use that word or phrase in a sentence. And see how amazing and funny sentences you will get to hear.


6 More Party Ideas for a Fun Party

Tried all you can think of? Need some new ideas for your party? We have piled some ideas together that sound fun and will brighten up your party. Go for them and your guests are going to have an awesome time.

  • The Strawberry Pie Game: Pick out some guests from the crowd and set a plate with six strawberries on it. The players have to eat these strawberries and the one who finishes first will be a winner.

An easy win, isn’t it?

No, no, wait!

The twist is, the players must tie their hands behind their back and pick each strawberry using their mouths.

You might be thinking it’s still a piece of cake?

Well, you are right. That’s why you will fully tuck the strawberries with whipped cream.

Keep your cameras at a go because certainly, you’ll be taking a lot of pictures.


  • Singing with the alphabets: Certainly you and your friends love singing together. Let’s add more fun to it. To start with, sing a few lyrics, anyone from the guests will have to start a song from the last alphabet of the lyrics you just sang. And repeat the cycle. The one recalling the most lyrics will be the winner.


  • Enact a Situation: Write down some funny scenes you want your guests to act on the pieces of paper. Put them in a bowl. Pick anyone from the crowd and ask them to pick a piece from the bowl. Repeat it and we are sure you’ll get to see some real great performances.


  • Tag Them! Make sticky labels and write some funny taglines on them. One tagline per label. Place them in a hat. Ask your guests to pick a label from the hat and stick it to the back of anyone in the party without them knowing. Spread smiles wherever they go. But beware! You can also turn out to be a victim of this game.


  • Shake a Leg: Turn on some music, shout ‘Shake a Leg’ and make a dance move. Ask others to follow. Keep it simple so others can copy easily. Keep it turn by turn so the person standing next to you has to suggest a dance move to follow. Now this is something awesome.


  • Ask me About: If you want to keep your guests smiling, chattering and interacting with each other, then here’s a great party game. Create a handful of name tags starting with ‘Ask Me About’ and then add any topic you like. Such as,
      • The most annoying co-worker
      • My most embarrassing encounter
      • The craziest thing I’ve ever done
      • The worst experience of my life.

Pass these tags to each of your guests as they arrive. It will switch the dull business and weather conversations with fun filled gossips.

We are sure you haven’t tried these ideas before. Go ahead and pick one or more activities from the list and rock the party!








5 Great Party Activities for Kids

When planning a party for your kids, the first thing you think about is your living room and the furniture. You want to plan a party that the kids can enjoy, but sure you don’t want to be running around like mad parents. Looking after the kids and your living area together- a frantic task it seems.

To have a quality time for you and your kids, plan activities ahead of time that will keep the kids busy; and you can have a good time enjoying with them. Plan variety of activities- more than you need- so the kids won’t get bored so easily.

Engaging all the kids so you too get to enjoy the party is not that difficult a task. A few things that you can do so everyone present at the party can have an awesome time are listed below:

  • Play Time! When it comes to kids, what they love doing most is to play. To you, simple games may sound not too exciting, but to kids, it’s all what they want. Add flavor to the traditional games by introducing an exciting twist to it. Kids love to play ‘Follow the Leader’ or Sesame Street Fans would love to play ‘Who’s Elmo?’ The elders can also participate by giving directions to the kids to find the Elmo.


A drawback of playing individual games is that you have to engage the kids that are eliminated. That means planning some alternate activities for them.


If you have room or you are having an outdoor party, a simple frog game or a sack race will also excite the fun. But don’t make things too whacky. Add background music to your games to stimulate the fun.


You can also add an easy detective case. Make teams and hide articles like toys or eatables and let the hunt begin.


  • Art and Craft: Kids love activities that involve some crafting. The adults can also be a part of this game. Pair up the kids with some adults. Arrange paints, cardboards, and charts and begin the fun. Kids can make giant portraits or they can make handprint shirts. You may announce the best craft title and spice up the fun.


  • Blocks and Play Dough: You may provide kids with a set of blocks and play dough and ask them to make structures. They may build architecture from a bridge to a castle or a simple ride using them. Discover how wild their imagination can go.


  • Let’s Dress Up! Collect old Halloween clothes and set a dress up area. Arrange a ramp and see the fun they can have walking the ramp in those bizarre costumes.


  • Color it all! Make a coloring corner and provide colors and coloring books. Your coloring corner will surely turn into a great play station for the kids.

These are some great ideas that will excite the fun with the kids and help you organize a fun loaded awesome party where you and the kids, both will equally have quality time.

5 Great Party Activities for Adults

An adult party sounds more like a formal night. To make it fun, plan some activities that your guests will enjoy while keeping the mood of the party light. Possibly, finding new and fun party ideas could be tough especially when you’re already running late for the party. To help you with it, here is a list of 5 great party activities for adults.

  • Wink Wink! Bring out the child in you and go for this mystery game. All you need to do is to select a guest as a detective and send him/her out of the room. Now pick a trapper among the guests. All they have to do is wink at others, to which the guests have to react a little dramatically. The detective has to find out the trapper. The detective will be given two or three chances to guess the trapper. Smart brains and engaging audience, and it will be a big hit.
    But even if your guests aren’t really smart or they don’t want to be like that on a party, this activity is fun. Just pull them all in and make it a huge activity for ultimate fun at an adult party.


  • Slip it in! Want to avoid dull dinner conversations? This game is a sure hit. Spice up the chatter by putting some funny words or phrases on pieces of paper and place them under each guest’s plate. All your guests need to do is read their phrase and slip it in their conversation without letting others know about it. The one with the cleverest use of their phrase in the conversation will be a winner.


  • Mystery Cocktail: Serve your guests with a mystery cocktail and ask them to guess the ingredients. The one who guesses the most ingredients first would be a winner. Be sure to announce some sort of prize for the winner to make this game even more fun. This game is a great chance for your guests to mingle as they will discuss the ingredients with each other.


  • Find Your Match: Write the names of celebrity couples on sticky labels and collect them in a hat. Now shuffle all the labels so the couple labels are not together anymore. Stick the labels to the back of each guest as they arrive. They have to ask yes and no questions from others to know their label. Now the hunt begins for their match in the crowd! The one who finds their match first will be the winner.


  • The Photo Booth: Dedicate a corner at the venue for a photo booth. Make funky props and let your guests have their craziest photos ever. You can make this more fun by simply letting kids participate. They are going to turn this photo both thing into a massive adventure.

These activities will brighten up your party and the guests will have the most fun filled time ever. But don’t limit yourself to these activities as you might have your own cultural party ideas.