6 More Party Ideas for a Fun Party

Tried all you can think of? Need some new ideas for your party? We have piled some ideas together that sound fun and will brighten up your party. Go for them and your guests are going to have an awesome time.

  • The Strawberry Pie Game: Pick out some guests from the crowd and set a plate with six strawberries on it. The players have to eat these strawberries and the one who finishes first will be a winner.

An easy win, isn’t it?

No, no, wait!

The twist is, the players must tie their hands behind their back and pick each strawberry using their mouths.

You might be thinking it’s still a piece of cake?

Well, you are right. That’s why you will fully tuck the strawberries with whipped cream.

Keep your cameras at a go because certainly, you’ll be taking a lot of pictures.


  • Singing with the alphabets: Certainly you and your friends love singing together. Let’s add more fun to it. To start with, sing a few lyrics, anyone from the guests will have to start a song from the last alphabet of the lyrics you just sang. And repeat the cycle. The one recalling the most lyrics will be the winner.


  • Enact a Situation: Write down some funny scenes you want your guests to act on the pieces of paper. Put them in a bowl. Pick anyone from the crowd and ask them to pick a piece from the bowl. Repeat it and we are sure you’ll get to see some real great performances.


  • Tag Them! Make sticky labels and write some funny taglines on them. One tagline per label. Place them in a hat. Ask your guests to pick a label from the hat and stick it to the back of anyone in the party without them knowing. Spread smiles wherever they go. But beware! You can also turn out to be a victim of this game.


  • Shake a Leg: Turn on some music, shout ‘Shake a Leg’ and make a dance move. Ask others to follow. Keep it simple so others can copy easily. Keep it turn by turn so the person standing next to you has to suggest a dance move to follow. Now this is something awesome.


  • Ask me About: If you want to keep your guests smiling, chattering and interacting with each other, then here’s a great party game. Create a handful of name tags starting with ‘Ask Me About’ and then add any topic you like. Such as,
      • The most annoying co-worker
      • My most embarrassing encounter
      • The craziest thing I’ve ever done
      • The worst experience of my life.

Pass these tags to each of your guests as they arrive. It will switch the dull business and weather conversations with fun filled gossips.

We are sure you haven’t tried these ideas before. Go ahead and pick one or more activities from the list and rock the party!