6 Party Ideas for a Fun Party

Whether you are planning to have an adult party, a graduation party, birthday party or a fun party with your family, you might find yourself short of fun ideas. But don’t worry you are not alone. Here is some help for you. Read these fun party ideas below and put your party on fire.  

Play reunion games

When it’s party time, it’s the best time to play some family or friends reunion games. You don’t get a better chance of enjoying warmth of their company and you can have some fun as well. Here are some ideas for reunion games.

Know Your Family: When you play this game, you learn more about your family. The game is played by writing names of family members on pieces of paper and putting them in a hat. After shuffling the hat, everyone picks out a piece of paper and along with it gets a name of a relative. Their task is to investigate and find out something others don’t know about that person. They can interview the person on the party and have some fun. Later on, everyone will sit together and discuss what they found out. I bet there are going to be a lot of facts that would make the entire party really interesting.

Play Likes and Dislikes: This game will help you learn about your family and friends as you’d discover each other’s likes and dislikes. To begin the game, handover pieces of paper to all the people present at the party. Set a time and let everyone write about their likes and dislikes. Then collect the papers from every one and read out loud one by one. Let others guess who the person is supposed to be.

– Play Scavenger Hunt: Be it an outdoor or an indoor party, scavenger hunt is always fun. Engage all your guests in the game and let the hunt begin. Hide some items at different places-be them some leaves, flowers or animals for an outdoor picnic or be them some household articles. Make teams and ask them to either collect the items or have a picture with it.

Create a mystery cocktail: A fun way to make your guests mingle at the party is to arrange a mystery cocktail game. Hand over a mysterious drink to your guests and ask them to guess the ingredients. It would be a great opportunity for the guests to carry on their chatters while discussing the ingredients. To keep it simple, add up some distinct ingredients like mint or lemon.

Set up a theme for the party: Whenever you want to make your boring parties more of a fun, you need to theme them. The best way to theme a party is to ask everyone what they find out most bizarre and that be your party theme idea. Once you have a party idea, you just let everyone be a part of it. It would be great fun.

Catch a prop and have a fun picture: Taking pictures with your friends and family is a must at the parties. Spice up the fun by adding a props corner to your party. Arrange some weird or funky props and let your guests entertain themselves by having their most funky pictures. The prop corner will surely take over everything else in the party.

Passing the pillow game: Plan some fun activities you want your guests to get involved and write them down on the pieces of paper. Select a person who will be in charge of setting the music on and off for setting a pillow passing duration. Gather your guests in a circle and start passing the pillow. Enjoy how your guests perform the tasks assigned to them.

Slip it in: Write a word or a phrase on the pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Give one piece of paper to your every guest and ask them to use that word or phrase in a sentence. And see how amazing and funny sentences you will get to hear.