5 Great Party Activities for Kids

When planning a party for your kids, the first thing you think about is your living room and the furniture. You want to plan a party that the kids can enjoy, but sure you don’t want to be running around like mad parents. Looking after the kids and your living area together- a frantic task it seems.

To have a quality time for you and your kids, plan activities ahead of time that will keep the kids busy; and you can have a good time enjoying with them. Plan variety of activities- more than you need- so the kids won’t get bored so easily.

Engaging all the kids so you too get to enjoy the party is not that difficult a task. A few things that you can do so everyone present at the party can have an awesome time are listed below:

  • Play Time! When it comes to kids, what they love doing most is to play. To you, simple games may sound not too exciting, but to kids, it’s all what they want. Add flavor to the traditional games by introducing an exciting twist to it. Kids love to play ‘Follow the Leader’ or Sesame Street Fans would love to play ‘Who’s Elmo?’ The elders can also participate by giving directions to the kids to find the Elmo.


A drawback of playing individual games is that you have to engage the kids that are eliminated. That means planning some alternate activities for them.


If you have room or you are having an outdoor party, a simple frog game or a sack race will also excite the fun. But don’t make things too whacky. Add background music to your games to stimulate the fun.


You can also add an easy detective case. Make teams and hide articles like toys or eatables and let the hunt begin.


  • Art and Craft: Kids love activities that involve some crafting. The adults can also be a part of this game. Pair up the kids with some adults. Arrange paints, cardboards, and charts and begin the fun. Kids can make giant portraits or they can make handprint shirts. You may announce the best craft title and spice up the fun.


  • Blocks and Play Dough: You may provide kids with a set of blocks and play dough and ask them to make structures. They may build architecture from a bridge to a castle or a simple ride using them. Discover how wild their imagination can go.


  • Let’s Dress Up! Collect old Halloween clothes and set a dress up area. Arrange a ramp and see the fun they can have walking the ramp in those bizarre costumes.


  • Color it all! Make a coloring corner and provide colors and coloring books. Your coloring corner will surely turn into a great play station for the kids.

These are some great ideas that will excite the fun with the kids and help you organize a fun loaded awesome party where you and the kids, both will equally have quality time.